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You have goals and at Accelerate Financial we want to help you reach them.  Whether you're saving for retirement, new home or exotic vacation, our investment options will help you get there. We offer rates that are among the best in Canada!  Your savings are also 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.  Simple and secure, start your savings today!


Upgrade Notice: Enhanced login with MemberDirect Online

As part of our commitment to improve your user experience and enhance our security we have made some changes to the login process with MemberDirect Online. MemberDirect Online has added a new layer of security which will work in tandem with Increased Authentication login to analyze various security aspects associated with each login. With this data it will determine whether or not to ask your personal challenge questions during the login process. This upgrade provides a stronger authentication mechanism and will streamline your user experience with MemberDirect Online.




3 year GIC

         @ 3.00%


5 year GIC**


         @ 3.30%

Rates subject to change without notice.

**Limited time special