Security - Protecting Your Privacy Over the Internet

Password Protection. Whenever you receive a temporary password we strongly encourage you to change it, as soon as possible, to something confidential and private, which only you would know. When changing passwords, you should avoid anything that includes information someone else knows or has access to, such as birth dates, addresses, any numbers found in your wallet or words associated with you. Your passwords are private and absolutely no one has the authority to obtain them from you at any time, including credit union staff or officials. Do not tell anyone your password. Your browser may give you the option of saving passwords for you, but for security reasons we do not advise you to use it.

Cookies. Web sites often collect non-personal information in small text files called "cookies" when you enter web sites. Some sites will place a cookie on your system so you don't have to identify yourself by entering a password each and every time you visit a site. AcceleRate Financial uses session cookies on its sites, which are only stored for the length of time you are in the site. They are not written to your hard drive and are used only to provide easier access while there. They are not used to identify users or to track usage. If you use the browser's option of saving a password, it will be saved in a cookie.

Browser Encryption. We require that 128-bit encryption be used when conducting financial transactions over the Internet. While every effort is made, through the use of industry recognized security standards, to continually protect personal information from misuse and alteration, AcceleRate Financial and its affiliates do not guarantee the security of your information over the Internet. If your browser does not support 128-bit encryption, you will have to download and install a version of your browser that supports it.

Cache Storage. Always log out of any site where you have viewed or sent personal or financial information. For added security and privacy, clearing your browser's cache at the end of every on-line session is a good habit to get into.

The purpose of caching is to make your browser more efficient by eliminating the need for it to reload previously viewed pages every time you visit. However, it also allows anyone to view those pages. You can clear your cache by deleting items in the Temporary Internet Files folder in your file manager, or through the browser itself.

E-mail. When you forward e-mail to AcceleRate Financial, we recommend that you use caution and do not include confidential information in those messages, as they are not encrypted. E-mail is very similar to that of a post card and along the way someone can read every word that has been written.

Upon receipt of your e-mail, we may store your correspondence and exact e-mail address for future communications directly with you. Under no circumstances do we sell e-mail addresses or share them with any other party.

Protect Your Password

We store your login information and passwords in a protected and secure environment, which is isolated from the Internet so they cannot be accessed or downloaded by unauthorized individuals. You too should ensure that this information is kept secret and safe:

  • Memorize it
  • Do not write it down
  • Change it frequently
  • Do not reveal it to anyone

Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity thieves steal your personal information and use it to obtain funds or credit in your name. Identity theft can take months to detect and it can take even longer to correct the damage caused.

Basic rules to prevent identity theft:

  • Keep important information in a safe place
  • Only share personal information with trusted third parties
  • Monitor bills and statements
  • Ensure sensitive information is shredded when discarded

Unsolicited emails OR "Phishing" emails

Be cautious of "brand spoofing" emails and websites that request personal or financial information. Members are led to believe the request is from a valid company when in fact it is a malicious attempt to collect information for the purpose of committing fraud including identity theft.

AcceleRate Financial will NEVER attempt to collect personal information from you such as passwords or account numbers via email.
One of our most important priorities is to protect your privacy and the security of your personal information. We utilize multiple layers of protection when you access your account information online such as:

  • 128-bit encryption helps to ensure that your data can only be decoded and read in our secure online environment.
  • Secure Firewalls helps prevent unauthorized access to our internal systems
  • Constant Monitoring to proactively identify unusual member account activity

Please note - Internet Banking services are provided through our parent company - Crosstown Civic Credit Union.


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