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You can withdraw funds from your AcceleRate account using these methods:

  • Personal Cheques - AcceleRate provides members with free personalized cheques. When electronic services are not available, or you require an amount over the daily limit, you can use the cheques to withdraw any dollar amount from your account.
  • ATM - Use your ATM card to withdraw up to $400 in Canadian funds daily through the AccuLink/ INTERAC system in Canada and the Cirrus/Plus system in the US and around the world. Save money on INTERAC fees by withdrawing funds at any Credit Union ATM in Canada displaying the AccuLink logo. Whether withdrawing funds from one of the nearly 200 credit union ATMs in Manitoba - or from one of the thousands throughout Canada - members have fast, convenient access to their account and funds.
  • INTERAC Direct Payment - Use your AcceleRate Member Card to make purchases up to $1,200 in Canadian funds daily anywhere Interac or Maestro are accepted.
  • INTERAC e-Transfer - Simple, convenient and fast way to send and recieve money directly from one account to another.  All you need is access to online banking and you can send money to anyone with an email address, mobile phone and an account at a Canadian Financial Institutuion.  Please note:  Daily, weekly and monthly limits apply.  Members are responsible for any unauthorized use.  Service fees apply, please review our services fees section for details.