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In 2009 Crosstown Civic Credit Union's management team and the Board of Directors made the decision to go virtual. In addition to eight brick and mortar branches, the decision was made to open AcceleRate Financial. AcceleRate's mandate involves bringing outstanding financial expertise and services to Canadians from coast to coast.


In the post-war years credit was not readily available to The Mennonite community because they were considered poor credit risks. Banks, therefore were unwilling to issue credit and finance companies charged outrageous rates of interest.

Crosstown Credit Union was formed in 1944 and the credit union grew rapidly so that by the late 1950's, assets exceeded $1 million.

Credit Unions have a history of being very innovative and bringing new features to their members, Crosstown was no exception, becoming the first credit union in Winnipeg to offer chequing accounts, for example.

As member needs grew, Crosstown responded by offering a range of lending and investment products such as savings, chequing, term deposits, RRSPs, personal loans, mortgage loans, student loans, and business loans eventually to all Manitobans.


Civic Credit Union (originally Civic Employees Credit Union Society Limited) was formed in April of 1943 by staff of the City of Winnipeg, in order to offer savings accounts and loans to employees. At that time banks were not willing to provide personal loans and the credit union helped finance purchases of furniture, cars, education and other neccessities of life for the members.

The credit union gained momentum and by the end of 1969 had expanded to over $1 million in assets. By the end of the 1970s, assets exceeded $10 million and ten years later exceeded $30 million. By the end of the 1990s, assets had reached the $100 million milestone.

In keeping with the tradition of innovation, Civic was the first credit union in Winnipeg to offer the Telpay Bill Payment system and the Member Equity Plan (patronage refunds). Access to financial planning services was made available through MemberCare (now Credential Financial Strategies). Internet Banking allowed members to access their accounts online. Civic members were among the first in Canada to be offered an online brokerage service through Qtrade Investor.


In 2005, an industry survey showed Crosstown Credit Union and Civic Credit Union to be the two fastest growing credit unions in Canada. This added impetus to merger talks that commenced in 2006 and eventually resulted in the successful merger on July 1, 2007. This amalgamation created an eight branch credit union with over 30,000 members and $835 million in assets.

At the time of amalgamation, the assets of Crosstown Civic Credit Union ranked among the top twenty five credit unions in Canada and the fourth largest in Winnipeg. The organization today has over a billion dollars in assets.

AcceleRate Financial began business in May of 2010 with the mandate to deliver to Canadians everywhere high investment interest rates, regardless of where you live and how much you invest. These rates and services are delivered with world class service using a variety of technologies for your convenience.